Lệ Lin /ley-lin/ is a Chinese-Vietnamese artist currently living in Canada.

iseefeelings’ is my art alias since it speaks volumes for how I feel as a highly sensitive and empathetic person. My full-time job is not art-related but I still try my best to carve time for creating little things.

As I learn to embrace my vulnerability, making art is a means of contemplation and also my kind of therapy. I like to focus on mental health awareness and the interconnection between characters with mother Earth through visual metaphors. A vivid explosion of colours, expressive movement of lines and the abundance of unconventional shapes can be seen often in my work.

Even though many of my illustrations are done digitally, I still take time to experiment with different media to breathe new life into my work. 

Besides making art, I'm also a blogger, an avid reader and a photography enthusiast.



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