Photography has been my favourite way to express my love of life and nature since my teenage years. I love to capture subtle moments that others might overlook. As the writer Maria Popova wrote in Figuring, every photograph forces us to "contemplate a moment—an unrepeatable fragment of existence—that once was and never again will be". Through the lenses, I found mundane things that make me fall in love with life time after time.

In 2012, I got my first film camera. It has been with me for over ten years. I also took a photography class in college that equipped me with proper understanding on this subject and experimented different techniques with digital cameras. 

Regardless of what tools I use, photography reminds me of moving with an open heart, observing with the curious eyes and accepting any flaw I might see. I am just a moment catcher after all.

The collections below are selected photos throughout the years.

on film

digital & iPhonegraphy

Using Format